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Inspiring conversation ideas for online dating

After finding the one you love on a dating app or website, how do you keep the conversation alive?

Start with things that matter the most to you. Talking about those first will deter disappoints down the line. Once you get the bigger pieces out of the way, you make room for light-hearted storytelling, questions that make your partner laugh and think about things on a deep level. Let’s look at some inspiring conversation ideas for online dating.

“What are your favourite foods?”

Now this one may sound like a generic one, but it’s more than just a deciding factor of what you’re going to eat at a restaurant. In the current age, even our food choices reflect our political stances. Are you a vegetarian and condone the slaughtering of animals for food? Or are you a meat eater who doesn’t care?

“What do you think about XYZ?”

People love to share their opinions with others as they are packed with their viewpoints and advice. It can be something as casual as the ending of a suspense thriller or something as serious and sensitive as the concept of god.

“Tell me more about [insert something they like or love].”

You don’t want the conversation to stop at whatever food, movie or any activity they love. The keyword here is “more,” keep the conversation going. Let your partner explain all aspects of their interests and experiences.

“Hey, this XYZ thing reminded me of you.”

If something reminds you of your lover, tell them. It could be a song, a movie, a picture, a meme, a flower, the sky, the moon — anything. It shows that you’re still interested in the person and you think about them. Picking out something from the ordinary and sharing it with the one you love is a beautiful experience.

You can also pick something you know they love and say, “yeah, I thought this [insert the thing] might interest you.”

“Which TV shows do you binge-watch?”

It’s just another way of knowing what interests your new partner. Are they the kind of person who watches documentaries about space and underwater creatures? Or do they love drama and comedy?

“This one time, I went…”

It’s storytime! Tell them about your lived experiences, how you feel about them and what you learned along the way. Only go for the stories that might interest your partner. You don’t want to appear (or even be) obnoxious.

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