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How To Win Her Over On The First Date

First dates are always tricky – you don’t know what to say, you don’t know how much flirt is too much, you don’t know if you will end up friend-zoned. Truth be told, there is a lot of confusion, but first dates are just about striking a balance. So, if you want the right things to fall squarely into a delightful spot, we are sharing some tips to win her over on the first date!

1. Mini-Golf

What you plan for a date will surely create an impression of you. We would suggest a candle-lit dinner or a movie night, but those activities are cliché and meh. So, plan to play mini-golf because it’s interesting, fun, and gives ample time to talk to each other (activity-based dates make conversations easier).

2. Carefree Attitude Goes A Long Way

The first date is all about having fun, and your date needs to feel comfortable talking. So, sit with your back straight and keep the shoulders back. It will create a relaxed yet confident aura, and it will help her feel equally or more comfortable. Also, maintain the same warm and fun vibe during conversations, or you strike a lighthearted banter.

3. Talk To Waiters

Yes, we know you are dating a gorgeous girl, and you should be talking to her, but being friendly and cool towards waiters will show that you get along with people well. It will also show her that you are savvy and can get along with her friends and family if she decides to introduce you to them.

4. Be A Ross (Or Don’t Be Joey)

If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, you would know how Ross always sticks around and call the lady back after their first date. So, call her after a day or two and propose a second date. However, if the date didn’t go well, just say your regards nicely, give a side hug, and be cool.

Now, go and be a charmer!

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