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How To Heal Yourself After A Breakup

Often emotional pain is not given the same amount of attention and care as physical pain, making it much harder to heal. Breakups, especially after a long run, are one of the most intense emotional pains humans experience. Yet, there are little to no remedies for recovering from it. Here I will mention a few of the ways you can heal from a breakup.

Acknowledge the pain. When we break up, we face the harsh reality of being rejected. This rejection is a huge blow to our egos and often causes us to ignore the pain and act indifferent to it. But ignoring this pain will cause our emotions to gather up only to erupt like a volcano at any moment. Thus, the first step towards healing from a breakup is to accept that it has affected you in many ways.

Let it all out. Once you have accepted that you were hurt and rejected, the next step is to mourn the loss- quite literally. Cry your heart out, scream into the pillow (flush their pictures into the toilet, etc.), and do not, even for a moment, think that your friend is judging you for your runny nose.

Surround yourself with love. The next step is to surround yourself with love. Be with family, friends, and even pets who provide you with unconditional support and love, whose company empowers you and makes you feel strong. Taking a helping hand from loved ones during a breakup can feel like a fresh breath of air after a deep dive. In short, relying on love can make you get up on your feet again.

Find love within yourself. In relationships, we sometimes shower our partners with all of the love that we have. And forget to keep some for ourselves. While breaking up, it seems like our ex has taken all our love with them, and there is nothing left behind. The final and the hardest step in healing from a breakup is to start learning self-love again. You can do this by reviving your healthy habits, pampering yourself, eating healthy, exercising, and doing what you love.

Finally, be sure to be patient with yourself. You will not heal overnight, give yourself time and see yourself emerge as a stronger person from this healing process.

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