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How To Find Love On Tinder?

Let’s be honest, Tinder is used to find one-night stands and flings, but some people actually want love. Sure, Tinder has a reputation for creating lustful relationships. Still, luckily enough, we have put together some great tips to help you find true love!

1. No Sex-Obsessed Matches

If you are talking to someone for the first time and they mention going to hotels and hooking up for sex, that’s your first hint of dropping them. So, thank them for their “time” and don’t respond (they will get the signal).

2. Put A Stop To Selfies

Two selfies are OK if you are up for fun and fling, but one is the ideal choice if you want a serious relationship. That’s because if you upload too many selfies, you’ll be deemed superficial, and that only attracts the hook-up matches. So, get some not-selfie pictures and create your well-rounded appearance!

3. Hide That Cleavage

Of course, you have an amazing body, and you want to show it off! However, the cleavage pictures will only get you booty calls. So, even if you’re going to show off your sexuality and smoking hot body, do it subtly.

4. Slide Off Group Shots

Tinder is not the place to show off your friendships, and it can confuse people looking at your profile. So, if you have the group photos on Tinder, delete them and post the pictures that put the attention on you. Also, don’t post your photos from a wedding because it gives the wrong impression (of course, you want a marriage but don’t put it on the billboard, babe!).

5. Work On The Profile

If you want to score a good match and a serious relationship, show that. Finding a date on Tinder is all about building connections, but that’s impossible if you don’t write an engaging profile. So, be creative with the words and write a profile that hooks the other person!

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