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How I Met The Love Of My Life

It all began after an eventful summer break in middle school when puberty hit our innocence like a truck and left behind a mess of hormones. I saw the love of my life walking in the halls, looking as stunning as a 13-year-old could, passing by me and leaving me breathless. That was the moment I fell in love.

I wanted to purpose her and make her my bride right then and there. But there were two major hurdles in my love life; first, her jock of a boyfriend, and second, my awfully low self-esteem. Both forced me to never express my feelings to her as a “nerd like me could never have a girl like her.” Hence, I spent the rest of the years of my school life watching her from the shadows.

After graduation, I worked on myself, got a college degree, moved on with life, and forgot about her until I saw her profile again on a dating website. She looked exactly like I remembered – angelic. On seeing her profile, all the feelings of love came rushing back to me, and with came the shadows of self-doubt as well. After spending an hour debating whether to interact with her or not, I finally made a move and expected nothing because why would she even remember me, right?

To my surprise, she did. Our conversation started on the dating website with the nostalgic past and changed present. One thing led to another and, now I was going on a date with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Nervous as hell, I took her on our first date and felt myself falling in love all over again; there, I realized that this dating website was the cupid’s arrow of love and not just a mere coincidence. So, without a second thought, I proposed to her and she said yes!

So, folks, that is the story of how I re-met the love of my life through a dating website.

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