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Are Virtual Dates A New Thing? How To Spice Them Up

Dates are always about taking a walk in the park, having a candlelit dinner in a short red dress and tux, or hitting the nightclub on Saturday night. However, the times are changing, and virtual dates have become safer. Honestly, virtual dates don’t drum that adrenaline rush, but we have some tips that will help you spice up the virtual dates and have a different sort of fun!

1. Let’s Go On A Walk!

Yup, virtual dates don’t mean that you’ve to be a couch potato or video call while lying in bed because you can go for a walk. So, tie up the shoelaces, video call your love, and walk around the park or brownstones. It’s a great way of changing the scenery and feel more connected.

2. Cook Together

Do you have a favourite meal that you love to share with your partner? To make your virtual date more fun, plan a weekend night and cook that meal. This might sound stupid right now but try it, and you will have the best laughs (and delicious food, of course).

3. Double Date

The more is always merrier, and if your virtual dates are getting boring, adding some friends to the virtual date night will make a popping experience (it’s even better if you’ve some mutual friends). Not to forget, such dates bring normalcy and new things to talk about.

4. Hit The Gym

Virtual dates don’t always have to be a chore or constant effort, but it’s all about being inclusive in your daily routines. So, if you guys work out, tune your gym timings and get those endorphins to spice up your virtual date. Also, you can always sign up for the live-streaming yoga classes (just ask a nearby fitness studio).

5. Morning Coffee

Long-distance relationships and late nights go hand-in-hand, resulting in rushed mornings. However, to feel a better connection and crank up the virtual date, start your day with morning coffee with the love of your life talking about their plans on the video chat (it’s just another way of starting the day together as a couple!).

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