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5 Practical Ways of Avoiding Toxicity In Your Relationship

Life is unpredictable and does not always follow the basic patterns of happiness, peace and love. There can be days where you dwell in feelings of discontent and misery. These sorts of ups and downs of life are inevitable and can eventually affect your relationships. Therefore, in order to keep the spark alive, you can follow some healthy practices and steer clear of toxicity.

1. Trust your partner

Trust is needed to build the foundation of your relationship, and if the foundation is shaky, it is tough to create a stronger bond and overcome any complications.

2. Keep open communication

It is necessary to openly communicate with your partner and share your feelings, thoughts and opinions. Some people fear rejection so much that they end up damaging their relationship, as well as their own mental well-being.

3. Stop comparing your partner with your ex

Long-lasting issues arise when you overshare your ex’s wrongdoings and your past relationship struggles with your new partner. They will no longer see you as a victim. And assume that this bitterness will also have a damaging impact on them.

4. Refrain from controlling your partner

Dominating and controlling behaviour instils a lack of confidence in the other person. Avoid getting upset if they don’t text or call back immediately, as it is one of the reasons for the development of toxicity in your relationship.

5. Show love more often

“We often love our partner the way we want to be loved,” Cook says. Showering your partner with love should not be an occasional thing; it should be done more often than you think. Getting each other little presents, going out on special dates and having meaningful conversations should not be limited to birthdays and anniversaries. They should extend to every other weekend. These little activities not only convey your love to your partner but keep the spark alive.

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