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5 Couple Goals Of 2021

2020 was the year of baking banana bread, making dalgona coffee, and ordering tie-dye sweats while most couples struggled with relationship issues. Well, things are now getting back into the groove, and why don’t you reflect on your relationship as well? With this post, we are sharing five couple goals for this year that promise an intimate, happy, and romantic relationship!

1. Time Alone vs. Time Together

Everyone had fights during the lockdown because of the constant availability of each other and lack of personal space (don’t you think the same?). If you want the relationship to really prosper, it’s essential to enjoy the time alone for rejuvenation – believe us, some me-time is everything you need to recharge. Celebrate your individuality, and take some space to breathe!

2. Be A Cheerleader

If you are in a relationship involving jealousy, are you in the right relationship at all? So the second couple goal is to slide away from the jealousy, become their cheerleader, and support their goals. Rooting for each other is healthy and create a happy vibe.

3. Acknowledge Your Partner’s Love Language

The five common love languages include gifts, physical touch, acts of service, affirmation, and quality time. Every individual is different, and so is their love language, and acknowledging someone’s love language should be part of the couple goal list. To illustrate, if you like getting gifts, but your partner is more into acts of service, understand that it’s their unique way of showing love, and appreciate it!

4. Be Experimental

With each passing day, more and more couple activities are being launched, and 2021 seems to be the right year for exploring them. Also, it doesn’t have to be fancy because you can simply opt for couple yoga, couple massage, or salsa classes. After all, it’s all about spending quality time together!

5. Don’t Kill The Spark

Physical intimacy is essential for a relationship, and you must not let that spark go away. In addition to going under the sheets, cuddling is another way of maintaining physical intimacy (it’s actually great for killing stress, so why not?).

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